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Tactical Opportunities was created to thrive in today’s dynamic global markets. Factors such as high market volatility, changing governmental and economic policies, sovereign financial crises and new regulations and capital standards create investment opportunities outside of InterCapital's existing alternative asset mandates. Identifying and executing on these opportunities takes a special set of attributes – including a broad, deep and experienced perspective and the ability to act in a nimble, decisive manner.

Taking advantage of synergies
The Tactical Opportunities team leverages intellectual capital in businesses that cover every major alternative asset class to harness insight and perspective that InterCapital is well positioned to offer.  This allows us to assess and synthesize a broad range of market information into actionable investment ideas.

Extraordinary deal flow
Tactical Opportunities benefits from tremendous deal flow by leveraging the perspective, expertise, global relationships and market insights of InterCapital’s diverse platform.

Strong governance
The Tactical Opportunities Investment Committee is comprised of the firm’s senior leadership to ensure strong firm-wide collaboration, robust investment analysis and consistency of investment approach.

Investment flexibility
Tactical Opportunities’ flexible mandate is designed to enable us to dynamically adjust to changing market circumstances, facilitating the construction of a balanced, complementary portfolio with an attractive overall risk/return profile.

Customized solutions
With tremendous access to opportunities, Tactical Opportunities can create investment strategies precisely tailored to the parameters of each investor. This approach allows our investors greater control as to when, where and how their capital is invested.