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Real Estate

Consistent Investment Philosophy: Buy it, fix it, and sell it

  • Buy it – We acquire high-quality, income-producing assets at discounts to replacement costs.
  • Fix it – We rapidly and proactively address any capital structure, physical, or operating issues pertaining to the investment.
  • Sell it – Once issues are addressed we sell the investments, typically to core investors. Our average hold period has been slightly more than three years; between 2005 and 2007 we sold more than $60 billion of assets.

Consistent Team and Investment Process:
The Investment Committee, which approves every InterCapital real estate investment throughout the country, has had the same co-chairs for 5 years.
InterCapital’s interests are aligned with its limited partners – the firm and its professionals have invested/committed big investment to our real estate funds.

Operating Advantages:

  • Extensive relationships with owners, lenders and intermediaries.
  • Broad reach and market knowledge from dedicated operating platforms and a seasoned global asset management team.
  • Unique ability to move with scale and speed. Today, InterCapital is uniquely positioned to benefit from a favourable opportunistic investment environment:
  • Sellers are often distressed ownership structures impaired by excessive leverage, or public companies seeking to exit in scale;
  • Limited availability of debt and equity capital; substantially less competition from other opportunistic real estate funds;
  • New supply in virtually every real estate sector remains near record lows;
  • Economic fundamentals have begun to stabilize and improve.